eye tracking systems by Arrington Research, Inc.


EyeTracker & HeadTracker Integration Solutions

    3DWorkSpace™ turnkey solution to EyeTracking & HeadTracking integration.

   * Quaternion transformations eliminate gimbal lock and provide glitch-free, smooth and efficient rotations.
    * Intuitive 3D graphics show exactly what the head and eyes are doing together.
    * Fast & Easy - setup and calibration in less than 5 minutes.
    * Heat, Fog, Torch & ROI-linkage maps over multiple monitors and objects.


   • Azimuth and Elevation angles
    • Vergence and Version angles
    • Panel and ROI intersection data
    • 360 ° Head Rotation data
    • Multiple Panels and Objects in space
    • 3D Scan Paths

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curved display

3D Solution Perfect for:
• Simulation & Training - offering real-time & after-action review
• Cockpit, Bridge, Control Center ergonomic design & analysis
• Kinematics, Motor Control, Eye-Hand coordination
• Torsion, Vestibular Ocular Reflex, and other eye movements

• Tracking on curved display panels

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Arrington Research 3D EyeTracking