eye tracking systems by Arrington Research, Inc.


  fMRI EyeTracking

Resonance Technology, Inc. has chosen the ViewPoint EyeTracker for its fMRI-compatible, high-resolution stereo-display goggles, the VisuaStimXGA.


manufacture and supply high-quality products for MRI, with a special focus on the fast growing field of functional imaging. The ViewPoint EyeTracker has been successfully tested for compatability with their products.

Avotec has chosen the ViewPoint EyeTracker for its fMRI-compatible eye tracking.


MRA has chosen the ViewPoint EyeTracker for its fMRI-compatible eye tracking.

 Virtual Reality

NVIS designs and manufactures high performance integrated microdisplay products for advanced visualization and virtual reality applications. NVIS recommends the ViewPoint EyeTracker for advanced research and training applications requiring precision eye-tracking capability.
Data Acquisition and Analysis

gtech and viewpoint
Guger Technologies provides a biomedical signal processing platform.

BIOPAC manufactures data acquisition and analysis systems for life science research and education. It is recognized around the world as a premier choice for life science hardware and software..
 Stimulus Presentation and Experiment Control

MATLAB® provides an interface to call the ViewPoint EyeTracker DLL based SDK functions directly from MATLAB without the need for a MEX wrapper!

The ViewPoint EyeTracker includes an easy to use binocular interface to Presentation®, a stimulus delivery and experiment control program for neuroscience, created by Neurobehavioral Systems

Psychophysics Toolbox Library page now contains code and notes explaining how to interface the ViewPoint EyeTracker PC and Macintosh versions to MATLAB using the serial port.