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March 2020
  • More YouTube instruction videos added.
  • Please click on the link YouTube/ArringtonResearch
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  • External UserData into ViewPoint penPlots & dataFile.
  • ViewPoint MATLAB interface tutorial.
  • StateEngine overview.
September 2019
  • Arrington Research now offers tutorials for the ViewPoint® EyeTracker on YouTube.
  • Please click on the link YouTube/ArringtonResearch
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August 2019
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • ViewPointClient updated.
  • Python: added call back demo.


August 2019
  • ViewPoint® Voltage program updated for better proformance with high speed systems.
  • Voltage now reads Settings-files.


August 2019

Updated Eprime 3.0 interface Including new sample code.


May 2018
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • StereoDisplay- separates EyeA &EyeB calibration.
  • Fixed GUI display Issues and ROI's.
  • Binocular and SceneCamera modes now start up automatically according to license options.
  • The default window border thickness is now wider, so it looks better, and so buttons are not occluded, as could sometimes happen with some personalization options with Windows 10.


October 2017
  • dataFile_AlsoMake +EyeMovie +Events +History allows automatic synchroniztion of files.
  • Specify the format of the file name generated by the CLI:dataFile_NewUnique now allows strftime specifiers. eg:("%Y%m%d_%H%M%S') and use the specified substitutions.
  • ViewPoint® Voltage now uses a very fast rising Edge Trigger (upto 25 nanoseconds).
  • Added automatic detection of binocular eyeMovies.
  • MATLAB files updated.
  • ViewPoint ® Version release.


April 2017
  • ViewPoint ® Version released
  • External data Integration & Visualization.
  • Improved visibility of GUI fonts.
  • Markers can now be displayed at the current gazePoint location over the image in the GazeSpace or Stimulus window.

March 2017


400Hz - 800Hz

now available for

MRC GigE Vison Camera System

October 2016
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • Now available for 32-bit & 64-bit.
  • New ViewPoint-Presentation UserGuide.
  • Neurobehavorial Systems (NBS) application now works with 64-bit ViewPoint ® through a new 32-bit interface.
  • Created seperate subfolders for 32-bit and 64-bit interfaces:{ViewPointClient_xx.exe} and {VPX_InterApp_xx.dll} interfaces and sample code: ~/Interfaces/VPx32Client/ ~/Interfaces/VPx64-Client/.

October 2016

64 bit ViewPoint®

now interfaced to

NBS Presentation


October 2016
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • 64-Bit Release.
  • Augmented flags for eyeCameraOverlays and eyeMovieOverlays.
June 2016
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • stateEntryCommand is modified & augmented.
  • Added:stateExitCommand that specifies a command that is evaluated when exiting the specified state.

March 2016
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • 64-bit Release.
  • CLI: HELP command added.
  • Updated:ViewPoint-EyeTracker® -Toolbox.pdf.
December 2015
  • ViewPoint ® Version released.
  • 64- Bit Release.
  • Added Ethernet data variables that work with the new MAC dyllib.
  • Can now assign text names to ROI.

March 2015
  • ViewPoint ® Version released
  • SDK:VPX_GetPrecisionDeltaTime function now allows SINCE_SYSTEM_INIT_TIME.
  • ViewPoint® Voltage changes include: Addition of the 3D values including 3D GazePoint components {x,y,z,} in centimeters, version angle and velocity, etc. All DataDomain restrictions have been removed.
November 2013

Oculus HMD

Binocular Eye Tracking


April 2012


Wireless Digital Video allows real-time remote monitoring of all data, Binocular EyeCamera & SceneCamera images.

Auto-reconnect feature.

April 2012
400 Hz

400 Hz Binocular USB

400 Hz Real-time Binocular Torsion option

March 2012

Eyetellect GazeTracker

now interfaced to the

ViewPoint EyeTracker ®

Scrolling web pages


much more.

March 2012


with High Speed

Binoclar EyeTracking

December 2011

3-channel, 60-Hz, USB 2.0 for greater mobility and flexibility.

Binocular-SceneCamera Systems now on Laptops.

GigE Image
January 2011
Arrington Research partners with Realtime Technologies, to integrate its new ViewPoint EyeTracker ® 3DWorkSpace™ with SimCreator.(more)
August 2010
8-channel AnalogOut options now available.Item # 0024 Read more >

8-channel AnalogOut

with new ViewPoint~Voltage™ Pro

July 2010
Binocular USB 220 systems : Binocular versions of ViewPoint USB 220 now shipping. Read more >

Binocular USB 220 Hz

220 Hz Real-time Binocular Torsion option

May 2010

3DWorkSpace™ EyeTracker and Head Tracker integration solution. Position of gaze and Regions of Interest (ROI / AOI) over:multiple display panels, instruments, controls and more. More>>>

viewpoint eye tracker and cybermind HMD
November 2009
ViewPoint Integrated into the Cybermind Visette:Cybermind has shipped the first versions of the Visette Head Mounted Series now equipped with eyetracking devices from Arrington Research. This combination allows for an accurate tracking result in an actual immersive experience due to Cyberminds unique designs combined with the level of performance by Arringtonresearch products.
viewpoint eye tracker and cybermind HMD
October 2009
Virtual and Augmented Reality systems: The ViewPoint EyeTracker ® has been interfaced with ART. This interfacing has been done by the Artificial Intelligence Group at Bielefeld University, Germany, in the course of the project "Modelling Partners" of the Collaborative Research Center 673 "Alignment in Communication". Target platforms are Avango and InstantReality. See video. Contact A.R.T.
May 2009
220 fps systems: ViewPoint EyeTracker ® is now available running at 220 fps in a USB laptop compatible configuration. Read more >
200 Hz
May 2009

HeadLock™ Head Positioner

The Arrington Research, Inc.  HeadLock – UltraPrecision Head Positioner has been designed to be rigid, comfortable, fully adjustable and easily moved from bench to bench.

  • Very stable, rigid and comfortable
  • Nothing protruding under the table
  • Nothing to poke subjects in the chest
  • HeadLock rods – stop vertical rotation
  • Full chin cup
  • Single knob fastening  - fast setup
  • Nose bridge on forehead piece
  • Extra tall is standard
  • Fits most table and desk lips
GigE Image
March 2009
MSNBC Today Show: The ViewPoint EyeTracker ® was featured on the Today Show in a report on shopper behaviour. Click here to watch the news segment. eye tracking and marketing
August 2008
Parallax Correction: The binocular scene camera system now provides horizontal and vertical parallax correction for viewing at distances different from the calibration distance.
June 2008
Laptop Compatible System released: This latest product, the ViewPoint GigE-60, provides simultaneous 60Hz EyeCamera and 60Hz SceneCamera on a laptop computer via a standard gigabit Ethernet interface. Monocular and Binocular head fixed (e.g. QuickClamp™) and HMD systems can also be provided with the GigE-60 option.
GigE Image
December 2006
HMD Turnkey solution with the Emagin Z800: We are now offering a fully turnkey HMD eye tracking system with the eMagin Z800 3DVisor. Monocular system $9498
November 2005
ViewPoint PC-60 2.8.4 (beta) released: This latest version provides full real-time synchronization across machines via the Ethernet. If you are an existing customer and are interested in being a beta user for this new version please contact us
October 2005
Integrity™ released: Integrity™ is a suite of interfaces between the ViewPoint EyeTracker ® and 3rd party applications, which is provided by Arrington Research, Inc. to ensure a professional quality, uniform, complete and thorough interface to the favorite products of eye tracker users. These provide access to data, complete eye tracker control, and data integration and synchronization, all in real-time. Integrity is included free with ViewPoint.
September 2005
ViewPoint PC-60 2.8.3 released: We have worked hard to add many new features and enhancements to ViewPoint PC-60. Many of the new features were added based on customer feedback. If you are an existing customer and would like a free upgrade to this version, please contact us
August 2005
Integration with NVIS HMD:  For advanced research and training applications requiring precision eye-tracking capability, NVIS now recommends the ViewPoint EyeTracker ® by Arrington Research, Inc . Please contact us for further information.

 January 2005
Head Mounted System:  Lightweight goggle mounted eye tracker now available... more>>
 December 2004
HMD Modules:  We can provide camera and illuminator modules for mounting on your HMD for use with the ViewPoint EyeTracker ® . more>>
 May 2004
ViewPoint PC-60 2.8.1 released: We have worked hard to add many new features and enhancements to ViewPoint PC-60. Many of the new features were added based on customer feedback. If you are an existing customer and would like a free upgrade to this version, please contact us.
  September 2003
MATLAB® Version 6.5.1: (released 9/22/03) provides an interface to call the ViewPoint EyeTracker DLL based SDK functions directly from MATLAB without the need for a MEX wrapper!


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