eye tracking systems by Arrington Research, Inc.

ViewPoint~Voltage : Analog & : DIO

ViewPoint EyeTracker systems can be supplied with AnalogOutput and Digital I/O using the ViewPoint~Voltage software (available from us) and BlueBox hardware that the customer should purchase separately directly from the distributor; see the links below.

VV-Analog VV-DIO

Item # 0022S AnalogOut Option

Works with BlueBox:

Selectable Source Data:
  • X and Y Gaze Angle
  • Pupil Size, X, Y
  • X, Y, and Total Velocity
  • etc.
Signal Invert.
Signal Input Domain Specification.

AnalogOut also includes DIO.

Item # 0016S Digital I/O Option

Works with BlueBox: 8 Digital Input channels:
  • Markers into ViewPoint DataFiles
  • Trigger Command Line Interface (CLI)

8 Digital Output channels, for example, to indicate when the position of gaze is inside one or more of the ViewPoint regions of interest (ROI).