eye tracking systems by Arrington Research, Inc.

Analog & Digital I/O

ViewPoint EyeTracker systems can be supplied with Analog Output and Digital Input and Digital Output (TTL).

AnalogOut   Digital I/O


Selectable Source Data:
  • X and Y Gaze Angle
  • Pupil Size, X, Y
  • X, Y, and Total Velocity
  • etc.
Signal Invert.
Signal Input Domain Specification.

AnalogOut includes DIO:
Digital Input: 8 channels.
Digital Output: 8 channels.


analog Eight Digital Input channels are interfaced to place marker codes into the ViewPoint data file.

Eight Digital Output channels, for example, to indicate when the position of gaze is inside one of the ViewPoint region of interest areas, ROI-0 to ROI-7.

Item # 0015 AnalogOut Option 2 Channel
Item # 0022 AnalogOut Option 4 Channel
Item # 0024 AnalogOut Option 8 Channel

Item # 0016 Digital I/O Option